Encouragement to pharmaceutical companies to register medicines commonly used in Named Patient Programmes

Icelandic Medicines Agency (IMA) hereby publishes a list of the most commonly
prescribed medicinal products in Named Patient Programmes (NPPs) in April 2020.
The list only includes approved prescriptions.

The purpose
of publishing this information is to encourage pharmaceutical companies to
apply for marketing authorisations and market the products listed, or
comparable medicines. The advantage of having a medicinal product authorised
and marketed, is that NPP prescriptions are usually not approved by IMA if a
comparable medicinal product with an MA is marketed. It is therefore beneficial
for all parties involved to have proper registration for the medicinal products
that are sold in Iceland. Benefits for users include updated information in
Icelandic, for both healthcare professionals and patients.

Most of the
medicinal products listed below are absent from the market, whereas a few of
them (starred) are temporary substitutions for registered medicinal products.

This list
only includes medicinal products used in NPPs prescribed to individuals, but
neither includes unregistered medicines used at hospitals and health
institutions, nor medicines prescribed by veterinarians.

 * Medicinal product ATC code  Number of approved
prescriptions in April  
  Doloproct suppositories C05AA08  655
  Xyloproct suppositories  C05AA01  339
  Senokot  A06AB06  161
 * Nifurantin  J01XE01 139
  Bromam N05BA08  117
 * Uro-Tablinen  J01XE01   114
  Co-Trimoxazole J01EE01  102
 * Nozinan  N05AA02  99
 * Levomepromazine Orion  N05AA02  97
 *  Naprosyn entero  M01AE02  84
 * Duac once daily  D10AF51 77
  SEM mixture  R05DA20  74
  Quinine Sulfate P01BC01  68
  Rohypnol  N05CD03  65
  Miralax  A06AD  46
  Methopromazine  N05AA02   43
  Phenhydan  N03AB02   39
  Glycerol Infant  A06AX01   36
  Largactil  N05AA01   35
 * Naproxen  M01AE02  35 

Last updated: May 15, 2020
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