Icelandic Medicines Agency

Quality and safety of medicines and medical devices for patients and the general public


Scientific Advice

The Icelandic Medicines Agency (IMA) provides scientific advice concerning the development of medicinal products.

Marketing Authorisations

RMS request

The IMA acts as Reference Member State in DC-procedures


New procedure on how the maximum wholesale price of medicines is determined

The procedure came into effect 1 September

IMA closed Friday 29 September

Emergencies will be attended to

Request regarding submission of product information

Transition from outdated Microsoft Office files to current formats

RMS requests opened up again

This is due to cancellations

Adverse reactions are harmful and unintended or undesirable effects of the drug. Anyone can report a side effect of a medicine to the Icelandic Medicines Agency!



The Icelandic Medicines Control Agency supervises all pharmacies and pharmacies as well as their branches.

Medicines on market

Medicines can be placed on the market after receiving a marketing authorization from the Icelandic Medicines Agency.

Number of packages in the price list

Number of packages that are currently on the market and available in Iceland