The Icelandic Medicines Agency administers surveillance of all manufacturing firms of medicinal products in Iceland.

The Medicines Act No. 100/2020, stipulates that a manufacturing licence can only be held by those granted such a licence by the IMA.

An application for a manufacturing licence must be submitted to the IMA on a specific form.

Each manufacturing licence is valid for the planned manufacturing site only.

According to Regulation No 893/2004 on manufacturing of medicinal products the application must be accompanied by the following information:

  1. Name, address, ID and Phone number of the firm
  2. Name, address, ID and Phone number of the person applying on behalf of the firm
  3. Address of the manufacturing site and the location of the quality assurance
  4. General description of the planned activity
  5. Drawings of premises
  6. Summary of main equipment
  7. Summary of medicinal products and pharmaceutical forms which are planned to be manufactured
  8. Summary of individual steps in the manufacturing process of the medicine(s) which are manufactured at the firm
  9. Summary of main components of the firm’s quality assurance system
  10. Name of technical manager and a CV
  11. Name of Qualified Person and a CV, if the QP is not the technical manager

IMA assesses the application based on submitted data and after an inspection at the applicant’s firm. IMA has 90 days from the receipt of a new application to assess it. If further information is needed it shall be sent in writing to the applicant and the time limit to assess the application is extended accordingly (clock-stop) in line with the time from the request for additional information until its receipt by IMA.

In the case of an application for a renewal of a manufacturing licence, the applicant must submit a new application and update the information stated in points 1-11 above.

IMA issues a manufacturing licence to a manufacturing licence holder, where it is stated that he fulfils the requirements on manufacturers within the European Economic Ares. The licence specifies which manufacturing elements and medicinal products it addresses as well as the name of the Qualifies Person and the address of the manufacturing site. The licences shall be issued in accordance with rules applicable on EEA and/or rules of The World Health Organisation. The licence is also registered in EudraGMDP database.

The manufacturing licence holder shall apply to IMA for amendments to the manufacturing licence regarding those items, which were the basis of the manufacturing licence.

IMA has 30 days from receipt of the application for amendment to assess it. In specific cases that period can be extended to up to 90 days.

If further information is needed it shall be sent in writing to the applicant and the time limit to assess the application is extended accordingly (clock-stop) inline with the time from the request for additional information until its receipt by IMA.


This certificate confirms whether named sites meet Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) or Good Distribution Practices (GDP) requirements on a specified license number. The certificate specifies what operations the company is licensed to perform in accordance with EU guidelines.

IMA issues export certificates for companies that manufacture medicinal products on request to assist them to satisfy the import requirements of other countries. The certificates issued by IMA indicate whether the product or manufacturer to which the certificate applies has met statutory requirements. As a result the certificates do not have an expiry date; they only certify that the manufacturer has met all the requirements at the issue date. The format of certificates complies with that specified by World Health Organization (WHO).

The CPP certificate provides details about a single medicinal product, which may or may not be licensed in Iceland. It provides details about the product and its manufacture including (but not limited to) the marketing authorization holder (MAH), the active ingredients and excipients, the manufacturing site(s) and whether or not the product is placed on the market in Iceland. The certificate provides information on one medicinal product only.

This certificate states if the medicinal product possesses a marketing authorization in Iceland. It is not limited to a single product per certificate but is country specific. Details of the product name, dosage form, active ingredients, strength along with issue date and MA/PL number are quoted in accordance with their product license (if applicable).

Manufacturing firms of medicinal products in Iceland

Fyrirtæki Heimilisfang Póstfang
Actavis Group PTC ehf Reykjavíkurvegur 76-78 220 Hafnarfjörður
Alvotech hf. Sæmundargata 15-19 101 Reykjavík
Coripharma ehf. Reykjavíkurvegur 78 220 Hafnarfjörður
Distica hf. Hörgatún 2 210 Garðabær
Ísteka ehf. Grensásvegi 8 108 Reykjavík
Linde Gas ehf. Breiðhöfði 11 110 Reykjavík
LSH-Cyclotron and Radiochemistry Unit Hringbraut 101 Reykjavík
Lyfja hf. Hverafold 1-3 112 Reykjavík
Lyfjalausnir Hverafold 1-3 112 Reykjavík
Lyfjaver ehf. Suðurlandsbraut 22 108 Reykjavík
Lyfjaver ehf. – vélskömmtun Suðurlandsbraut 22 108 Reykjavík
Lýsi hf. Fiskislóð 5-9 101 Reykjavík
Medis ehf. Dalshraun 1 220 Hafnarfjörður
Parlogis ehf. Krókháls 14 110 Reykjavík
Pharmarctica ehf Lundsbraut 2 610 Grenivík
SA Lyfjaskömmtun Skipholt 50b 105 Reykjavík
Last updated: December 7, 2023
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