Controlled substances

Import of controlled substances

Importation of controlled substances is subject to import licence issued by the IMA according to article 6 and 7 in regulation on habit-forming and narcotic substances and other controlled substances, No. 233/2001. To import substances classified as D I and D II according the regulation licence issued by IMA is required.

Licences issued by the IMA for such substances are valid for the whole year, except for the substance pseudoephedrine, as this requires an new licence every time the substance is imported.

Annually importers are required to report the amount of imported controlled substance has been imported.

Importers are also required to give IMA information about sales of these substances if requested.

The IMA does not issue new import licences until importers have sent in information on last year's import and sale of controlled substances.

Application for import of controlled substances

All import licences except for pseudoephedrine are valid for the rest of the current year and expire at the same time at the end of the year. The fee for the application is listed in the tariff.

Application for import of controlled substances

Last updated: December 9, 2021
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