Information to the Marketing Authorisation Holder – Emla cream - 12.12.2014

Referral Art. 30, EMEA/H/A-30/1388 regarding Emla cream was finalised 1 December 2014.

Information to Marketing Authorisation Holders: The abbreviations “Lot” og “EXP” in labelling - 26.9.2014

The European Medicines Agency publishes a document with terms/abbreviations for ”batch number” and “expiry date” which can be used on packages of veterinary medicinal products.

Information to the Marketing Authorisation Holders - Renin-angiotensin system acting agents  - 18.9.2014

Referral Art. 31, EMEA/H/A-31/1370 regarding RAS (Renin-angiotensin system) -acting agents was finalised 8 September 2014.

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