03. Can I apply for reduction of annual fees ?

Yes, you can but your medicinal product has to meet certain conditions to make it possible:

  1. Information regarding your medicinal product must have been available in pharmacopoeia on 31st December last year.
  2. No alternative medicinal product is available on the Icelandic market to replace your medicinal product.
  3. Total annual turnover for all strengths/pharmaceuticals forms of your medicinal product last year was less than 500.000 ISK.

You can find an application for reduction of annual fees on our website.

A completed application form must be sent together with a cover letter from the applilcant to IMA after 1 January and no later than 20 January each year. No discount will be granted for applications received by IMA after that time. Each cover letter may accompany application forms for medicinal products from the same marketing authorization holder. Each application form can cover all strengths of one pharmaceutical form.
The application form must contain information about the turnover of the produc for the last 2 years. The turnover refers to the aggregate value of all packages of all formulations and the strength of the product concerned, without VAT.


Last updated: December 17, 2021
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