Pilot project on e-PILs – trial period has been extended

The pilot project started in March 2021 and will last until the end of February 2025. The project is managed by the Ministry of Health

A few years ago the Nordic countries jointly proposed to the European Union that the rules on patient information leaflets be revised in such way to permit the use of electronic leaflets only.This would make medicines less expensive for smaller countries as it would be easier to jointly purchase medicines with other countries, reduce the risk of shortages and thus increase patient safety.

The e-PIL project

Iceland has led the e-PIL project that started on March 1, 2021 carried out by the Icelandic Medicines Agency. To begin with the project was supposed to run for three years, but recently the Ministry of Health decided to extend it for one more year. The project will thus proceed until the end of February 2025.

It is still possible to participate, the scope of the project is medicines used only in hospitals/healthcare facilities (i.e. medicines that have IMA‘s “H“ categorisation).

Further information can be found on IMA´s website and a request for participation can be sent through the „contact us“ form.

Last updated: January 26, 2024
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