The Icelandic Medicines Agency starts publishing educational materials on its medicinal product information website

Education materials will now become publicly available on the internet for both patients and healthcare professionals.


Following a successful pilot project, the Icelandic Medicines Agency has decided to start publishing aRMM educational materials on its website: The purpose is to increase safety and convenience for users of the educational material, as well as reduce the use of paper from an environmental standpoint.

Please note that Marketing Authorisation holders can only request for a publication of educational material that has already been reviewed by the Icelandic Medicines Agency.

Requests for publication must be sent no later than 7 days before intended publication (please note that educational material intended for publication by January 1st 2018 must be submitted to IMA before 18 December 2017)

The platform is intended for both new and previously approved educational materials. Marketing Authorization holders can submit previously approved and valid information to IMA. Please note that some documents (pdf files) may need to be modified before they are sent to IMA for publishing.

When submitting previously approved and valid content, please make sure all components of the educational material are submitted, including the cover letter. Educational materials intended for patients shall still be distributed on paper, despite also being available on the website.

Further instructions on electronic publication of educational materials

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