Labels on Risk Communication Material to Health Care Professionals

Labels for risk communication material to healthcare professionals can also be used on cover letters with this material and DHPs letters.


Acting upon a recommendation from the Icelandic Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Frumtök), the Icelandic Medicines Agency has decided that the label which was designed to be printed or glued to envelopes and, as the case might be, for identification on faxes or e-mails, can also be utilised in letters to healthcare professionals, which have been scrutinized by the agency.

This applies both for individual letters, Direct Healthcare Professional Communications (DHPC) as well as for attachments to specific safety information or educational material.

Notwithstanding this additional field of application the labels shall always be used on envelopes, whether the contained letters are identified in the same manner or not.

It should be noted that the label can only be used for material which is distributed upon request or by special permission of the agency.

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