The suffix "/IS" in the Icelandic marketing authorisation numbers for CP-products will no longer be used

As of 1st of May 2011 the Icelandic Medicines Agency will not be using "/IS" as a suffix to the marketing authorisation numbers for centrally approved human and veterinary medicinal products.


The Icelandic Medicines Agency has been using the suffix “/IS” to differentiate the Icelandic marketing authorisation from the EU marketing authorisation for centrally approved products. It has been determined to harmonise the numbers and stop using this suffix. The purpose is to minimize the difference between Iceland and the EU member states even further and to reduce the printed text on the packages, as a step in facilitating multi-lingual packages. As of 1st of May 2011 it will not be necessary to print an Icelandic marketing authorisation number on the packages of centrally authorised products, as the EU number will be sufficient.


There will not be any deadline for marketing authorisation holders to implement this change. The packaging material can be updated at the marketing authorisation holders' convenience. The relevant changes in the product information documents shall be implemented in connection with the next update of the documents.

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