Code of Ethics

Goal and scope

To ensure that the employees of the Icelandic Medicinal Control Agency conduct themselves properly in their work within and outside of the agency. The Code of Ethics is the foundation of the Icelandic Medicinal Control Agency's activities in its relations with the general public and its customers. The code applies to all of the Icelandic Medicinal Control Agency's employees.


The Director General of the Icelandic Medicinal Control Agency is responsible for the Code of Ethics being followed and maintained. The department managers of the relevant departments, each for his or her own employees, see to monitoring of the code's enforcement.


Act No. 70/1996 on the rights and duties of state employees provides general instructions on employees' duties, including with regard to their behaviour. Therein Article 14 states the following: "... An employee is obligated to do his job meticulously and conscientiously in all respects. He shall take care to be courteous, flexible and fair in doing his job. He shall avoid doing anything during or outside work hours that will dishonour him or diminish his reputation or result in derogation of his work or occupation. An employee is obligated to provide necessary assistance or instruction to those looking to him for such, including, if necessary, pointing out to them where they should turn with their request..." The Administrative Act also imposes certain obligations on employees regarding correct conduct in work.

The Icelandic Medicinal Control Agency has laid out an employee policy and values that the agency wishes to take into account in its operations, the culture that it wants to cultivate among employees and be known for amongst its clientele. These values are chiefly the following: Quality, trust and service.


If an employee makes a decision, he shall take care that it is in accordance with the goal sought and ensure proportionality, cf., the Rule of Proportionality in the Administrative Act. He shall especially avoid curtailing customers' rights when contemplated measures bear no reasonable relation to the purpose of the measures. Reasonable balance must be kept in mind between the interests of individuals and those of the general public.

An employee shall in every way keep in mind the agency's statutory mission and avoid taking measures and exercising authority that is nowhere supported in the Medicinal Products Act or regulations and does not serve the interests the agency's customers.

An employee shall maintain his knowledge and qualifications to ensure that his service is always of high quality. Precision, good attention to detail and rock-solid handling of requests where quality is not sacrificed should be an employee's desired goals.


An employee shall be impartial and autonomous from the customers he serves. Customers should be confident that decisions taken regarding them are not arbitrary, and that others are not getting preferential treatment. An employee's personal or political interests shall not hinder normal and reasonable handling of a matter. An employee shall avoid taking a decision in matters where his personal or political interests could conflict with professional and reliable consideration and handling of the matter.

An employee shall not accept disproportionate gifts in his work, cf. more detailed provisions in Quality Document 3.01.08 on Gifts and offers to employees.

The legislature, ministries, collaborators, the general public and other customers of the Icelandic Medicinal Control Agency should be able to rely on the agency operating in a trustworthy and credible manner. Professional working procedures imbued with expertise, good organization and responsible attitude should be the hallmark of the agency.

An employee shall endeavour to be consistent in making decisions while handling requests from the general public and the agency's other customers and take care that they are reasonable and sensible. He shall also protect the lawful expectations of the agency's customers. Everyone shall be dealt with on the basis of equality so that customers in the same kind of situation receive comparable service. If there is nevertheless discrimination for some reason between parties, this shall be corrected as quickly as possible. An employee shall take special care not to discriminate between the agency's customers on the basis of nationality, gender, origin, belief, handicap, age or sexual preference. When a decision on a matter is made, that decision shall be clear and transparent, and more important, rather than unimportant, aspects shall be taken into consideration.


An employee shall exhibit flexibility and courtesy in his relations with the agency's customers. A positive manner, where time limits are met and promises are kept, shall be an employee's hallmark.

An employee shall acquaint himself with the laws, regulations and standards applying to the agency's activities. All requests shall be recorded clearly, and requests that are provably outside the scope of the Icelandic Medicinal Control Agency shall be referred to the correct place.


The Medicinal Products Act, No. 100/2020

Act No. 70/1996 on the rights and obligations of state employees

The Administrative Act, No. 37/1993